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18th May - International Plant Day!

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Cologne, December 20, 2023 — The University of Cologne proudly hosted the "Workshop
on German-Ukrainian Research and Education Programs" on December 18-19, 2023. This
hybrid event, a cornerstone of the Fokus Ukraine program funded by the Stiftung Innovation
in der Hochschullehre, gathered eminent scholars and educators to discuss and develop
forward-looking strategies for cooperation in research and education, particularly in light of
current geopolitical challenges

The Department was founded in 1889 by Prof V.І Palladin.


Head of the Department - Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD in Biology), Associate Professor

Andriy S. Shchogolev

The Department provides training in two courses:
Future Graduate Students:
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Microbiology and Virology
Areas of Research:
Physiological, genetic, phytohormonal and phytochroms' regulation of plant development;
V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University
Study of the effects of Vrn and Ppd loci on physiological & biochemical processes of plants;
Svobody sq, 4, Kharkov, 61022, Ukraine
Plant morphogenesis in vitro and its physiological, biochemical and genetic control;
Phone: +38(057) 707-54-82; (057) 707-52-32
Ecological and trophic plant-microbe interactions and biological nitrogen fixation.
General courses

lecturers of the department provides training of three general courses for undergraduated students of the school of biology: "Plant anatomy", "microbiology", "plant physiology and biochemistry"

special courses (bachelors)

special courses for 3rd and 4th year bechalor students. they are basis for professional training in microbiology and plant physiology and biochemistry, including special lab practice. Details...

special courses (masters)

They include deep theoretical training in modern microbiology and plant physiology and biochemistry as well as a series of special lab practice.



On the basis oh the Department next scientific meetings are held:

International Scientific Conference "Plant Growth and Development: physiological, biochemical and genetic aspects", that deals with the researches of various aspects of plant growth and development to be nessesary to deepen the concepts of the process of ontogenesis and applied aspects (the formation of crop productivity and quality, adaptability and resistance of plants to stressful environmental factors, the effectiveness of the interaction of plants with microsymbionts);

Scientific Methodologial Seminar "Plant Physiology in the System of Modern Biological Concepts and Disciplines", which include a wide range of methods and didactics of teaching of Phytophisiology in higher education against the backdrop of turbulent molecular genetic research in physiology and biochemistry of plants.


Every year in the framework of the meetings of the Kharkiv regional Department of The Ukrainian Plant Physiologysts' Society (UPPS) a range of issues of current research in the field of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry are discussed by leading scientists of our region within plant biologysts's meeting.


Within "Palladin's days" there are organized: seminars and discussions of some scientific issues, meetings of student scientific society, exhibitions, including the "LandauCentre", Plant Day, excursions to leading research institutions in the city and all over Ukraine, as well as thematic sessions, preperings to galas and other events. Details...

department of plant and microorganisms' physiology and biochemistry